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    Tights... are to be worshipped! Tights... are the universe! Tights have infinite possibilities!
    High schooler first year at the height of his youth · Kamiya Oya · was suffering.
    "I'm not distracted by my thoughts, but by that girl's tights! I don't want people know how bad it is."

    Girls wearing tights are too cute! The inevitable comedy begins!

    Maybe coming in

    Thanktights Chap 11

    Thanktights Chap 12


    Thanktights Chap 10 - Wet Tights 10 Views

    Thanktights Chap 9 - Tights Video 19 Views

    Thanktights Chap 8 - The Definition of Tights 10 Views

    Thanktights Chap 7 - Tights Maid Cafe 17 Views

    Thanktights Chap 6 - Tights and Underwear 25 Views

    Thanktights Chap 5 - Magazines and Tights 10 Views

    Thanktights Chap 4 - House X Tights 16 Views

    Thanktights Chap 3 13 Views

    Thanktights Chap 2 - Forest of Tights 22 Views

    Thanktights Chap 1 55 Views


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