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    • Other names: Ryouomoi Nante Joudan Janai!!, Ryouomoi Nante Joudan ja Nai!!, Ryouomoi Nante Jyoudanjya Nai, It Can’t Be Mutual Love!!, 両想いなんて冗談じゃない!!
    • Author(s): Uka Kasai
    • Genre(s): Yaoi
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Views: 115

    Kanda Tokizou is 42 years old.

    25 years has passed since he fell in an unrequited love for his best friend since high school, Shiba Ryuuji. Although he has been Shiba’s number one go-to ever since, it was impossible to convey his feelings to a straight friend. Left unnoticed, “If I can stay by his side as his best friend, a life lead like this isn’t too bad,” he’d decided.

    However, now that they’re 42, could an unexpected event be the chance for a change between these two’s relationship?

    Maybe coming in

    It Can't Be Mutual Love!! Chap 6.5

    It Can't Be Mutual Love!! Chap 7.5



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