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    Joseph lived an ordinary life and it all took a turn when he realized he was being stalked. First, his school, then his locker, his phone and eventually his home- every aspect of his life was infiltrated by his stalker. Joseph is at his wits' end when Glen, a stranger, steps into his life at just the right moment and offers him a helping hand.

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    GLEN Chap 14

    GLEN Chap 15


    GLEN Chap 13 58 Views

    GLEN Chap 12 48 Views

    GLEN Chap 11 47 Views

    GLEN Chap 10 42 Views

    GLEN Chap 9 47 Views

    GLEN Chap 8 51 Views

    GLEN Chap 7 45 Views

    GLEN Chap 6 55 Views

    GLEN Chap 5 44 Views

    GLEN Chap 4 45 Views

    GLEN Chap 3 33 Views

    GLEN Chap 2 32 Views

    GLEN Chap 1 35 Views


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